Cory’s Ride, 6/2/12

Cory's Ride Logo

Cory’s Ride is held each year in memory of Cory Golis, a young rider who was killed on the last day of the Anchor House Ride in 1998. In his memory, his family and the Anchor House Foundation instituted this ride. The proceeds go for tuition for high-school students or recent grads. This year, it will be held on June 2, 2012.

I rode this ride last year with a group of the Freewheelers. The route was well-marked (Edit 3/24/12: See the comments; I may have made a mistake about this ride), the staff were friendly, there was a good lunch, and a good graphic on the t-shirt. Registration was $30, with no additional donation required. It starts (and ends) at the Tall Cedars Picnic Park in Hamilton, NJ.

Many Anchor House riders will be there, and I expect I’ll do it again this year.


2 Responses to “Cory’s Ride, 6/2/12”

  1. Jack E. Says:

    When I did Corey’s Ride in 2010, there were no road markings, and it was difficult to follow the cue sheet. Since you wrote that the “route was well-marked” I assume they added road markings in 2011? You are talking about arrows painted on the road?

  2. Plain Jim Says:

    I may be in error and thinkign of another ride, but I seem to remember ground markings. I’ll edit the post.

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