Ride for McBride, 9/8/12

Ride for McBride logo

Joe McBride was a local bicyclist who died in a riding accident a couple of years ago. In his honor, his friends and family have started a ride that supportsd scholarship fund for a student in the Social Policy & Practice department of the University of Pennsylvania. this year, the ride will be September 8, 2012. Ride lengths are 10, 25, and 50 miles; new routes are being set up this year Edit 3/17/12: I’m told that routes will be the same, and gpx/tcx files will be made available for riders with GPS units. Riders get a t-shirt and a post-ride lunch, and SAG stops and support will be provided. You can get more info and register at the Ride for McBride site. Cost is not yet posted; last year I paid $35 and additional donations were not required.


5 Responses to “Ride for McBride, 9/8/12”

  1. Moskva81 Says:

    Thanks for posting my dad’s ride on your site!

  2. Cheryl McDonald Says:

    My understanding is that the routes wont’ change. That needs to be reflected in the advertising materials as soon as possible.

  3. david Says:

    this is a great ride with great people. hope you show up and enjoy. thanks

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