Read me first

Welcome to the Central NJ Charity Rides site.  My intention on starting this site was to have a place where bicyclists in Central NJ could find out about local charity rides, including some basic information about the rides and links to their sites.  I also thought that riders might be able to use the comments sections of the rides to find people to ride with (and/or train with).

I expect to include info in each post about:

  • the ride name;
  • a link to the site;
  • location of the ride (it’s gotta be close enough for me to consider going for it to be posted here, and I live in Central Jersey);
  • the cost, or expected donation (including information about whether an additional donation minimum is required or expected);
  • length(s) of the course(s) offered;
  • benefits to riders (t-shirts, goodie bags, &c.), if available;
  • and reputation or reviews of the ride.

Ignore the dates below the titles; I haven’t figured out a way of ordering them that I like, so the dates will be in the post titles for now.

It’s not my intention to post about rides like the Princeton Freewheelers Event, or the Staten Island Bike Association Pumpkin Pedal, as while these support the bike clubs, the proceeds don’t go for other causes.

And keep the shiny side up, and the rubber side down!


4 Responses to “Read me first”

  1. Barbara clancey Says:

    The Battle Against Hunger Ride – September 8 and 9, 2012. Two back to back centuries to fight hunger in our communities.

    • Plain Jim Says:

      1) URL appears to be
      2) The website refers to registration for the previous ride (i.e., the 2011 ride); there are no results from the 2011 ride and no information about the 2012 ride. While this ride is definitely within the intent of this blog, I will only list it when the site lists the current ride.

      • barbara clancey Says:

        I understand, however this is an all volunteer project and the web site will probably not be undated until June.

  2. Plain Jim Says:

    I understand. I’ll bookmark the site, and plan to include it when it’s updated. If you get it done and want to let me know, email me at plain_jim (at)

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